Surf Western from the South

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“Edgy and slightly unclassifiable…” -Jack Watkins [CMP]

 Andrea and Mud sound like a panther screaming in the middle of the night, like a band of gypsies at a tea party, like a carefully curated hullabaloo held in a Wild West funeral home.  Like Doc Watson and the Cramps had a love child while watching a Tarantino movie.

Just as much influenced by Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, and Hank Williams Sr. as new Country acts such as Colter Wall and the Deslondes, Colburn & Moseley keep somewhat of a traditional country and blues feel all while giving it their own haunting, part Piedmont, part Psychobilly spin.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like if Bonnie and Clyde had started a Honky Tonk band with drippy tremolo surf guitar instead of taking the criminal path, this is a performance that you don’t want to miss.

Andrea Colburn was born and raised in NW Ohio.  After a difficult move to St. Louis, MO at 13, Andrea turned to music and poetry.  Highly inspired by Bobbie Gentry, Robert Johnson, and Led Zeppelin, Andrea wanted to learn to play guitar, so her mother bought her one as a gift at 14 years old.  She half-heartedly learned and played throughout high school, but didn’t stick with music. After life led her to Georgia in 2012, and she was befriended by a large group of bikers and musicians and she met all the right people, she started writing songs and performing almost immediately.

They say Kyle “Mud” Moseley was born somewhere near Winder, GA but this information could never be confirmed.  He was found in the woods one day with nothing but a guitar and a pair of overalls. After intensive etiquette classes/reform, Mud was still considered a threat to himself and others and was released back into the wild.  Rather than going back to his feral life, he decided to bless the world with his music and moved to the big city (Atlanta, GA). The rest, as they say, is history.


“…sounds as though it were made for an independent movie about bootlegging on humid afternoons in the Deep South.” and "This album manages to sound as sleazy and greazy as its title and some of the songs' murderous characters might suggest whilst at the same time sounding utterly fresh and innovative."

-Duncan Warwick [Country Music People UK]  ★★★★★

“Andrea Colburn and Mud Moseley write music that bridges the space between old time country and contemporary issues.  Andrea and Mud have a homegrown charm that's a little Johnny and June, and a little Sid and Nancy.”

-Ethan Fogus [The Sound Connector]